Clock Hour Training
We provide clock hour training to child care providers and their staff. Our training is approved by the Department of Health and Senior Services Section For Child Care Regulation. You can find our training on the Missouri Workshop Calendar. Contact us for more information. 

 View our November 16, 2017 IACET webinar  
​on ​Creating Blended Learning Sessions. ​

​ With more educators recognizing the benefits of combining  classroom experience with distance learning, this webinar will  discuss important factors in using blended learning solutions. 

Organizational Development

  • We are experts in Change Management.

  • ​​We conduct complex needs assessments, utilize advanced statistical methods to analyze data, and proactively identify issues that impact performance and business effectiveness.​

  • Our OD projects include proficiency in human behavior, organizational development theory and practice, human capital management, and leadership theory.

Performance Management

  • We are passionate about People Development.

  • We integrate an overarching strategy to ensure alignment between organizational goals and individual performance. This in return promotes clarity of expectations, increases trust among management and employees, and increases fairness and transparency.

  • We create highly effective evaluation metrics and processes that transform the way you plan, evaluate, and reward employees​.

Instructional Design & Training Development

  • ​We are experts in Adult Learning methodologies and ensure a knowledge transfer.

  • We design and develop content materials for all industries be it instructor-led, eLearning, or virtual.

  • We design effective teaching/learning strategies using various delivery methods, and implement performance-based evaluation into assigned lessons.

  • We also design and facilitate EEO refresher training. Choose from our existing curriculum: Cultural Sensitivity; Respectful Communication; Resolving Allegations of Discrimination; and Managing Workplace Harassment, or have us customize content tailored to meet your organizational needs.

  Tasha Lester Consulting, Inc.


  Improving Organizational ​Performance

Accreditation FAQs
1. ​​You do not have to change your
    curriculum to obtain accreditation.

2. Accredited schools do not pay property
​    taxes.

3. Accredited non-profit schools receive
​    more grant funding.​​


Accreditation is a designation of quality awarded to schools that meet national standards set by accrediting organizations. A commitment to accreditation gives assurance that every day schools meet rigorous guidelines in curriculum, health & safety, administration, professional qualifications, and community involvement. 

The accreditation process is tedious and time consuming. It is even more so when you have other commitments and deadlines. ​​Let us simplify the process for you. 

We ensure your program portfolio meets all accreditation criteria, setup classrooms according to standards, and provide readiness training for teachers and staff. We provide ongoing support and mentorship throughout the process. We also assist with accredited providers with annual reports and resubmissions.

* For K-12 grade schools, choose the accreditation organization of your choice.

* For Early Childhood providers, choose from one of the four accreditation organizations:

  • Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (APPLE)

  • The National Accreditation Commission for the Early Care and Education Programs (NAC)

  • The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

  • The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA)